Thursday, 14 December 2017

What I'm Reading Right Now

My parents always add a new book to our Christmas gifts and while I have grown to LOVE the whole book thing, I wasn't always so crazy about it. Of course, my mom is really good at picking out books she thinks I will enjoy so as the Christmases went by and I realized she wasn't really that off with what I like, I started to really look forward to seeing what she had picked out for me. Gotta say, so far she has never failed to nail it with her picks.
But if I had some kind of 'Freaky Friday' moment at Chapters one day and had to pick out a book or two that I could squeal about, these books I'm reading right now would be my picks this month! 

New York City Trails
If you are like me, obsessed with making my way to NYC or just love to travel, this book is the coolest 'travel guide' specifically designed for the young traveller who wants to map out their journey so they hit all the mad good spots of NYC! The Lonely Planet explorers Marco and Amelia guide you through all the cool stuff New York City has to offer if you're willing to be more than a basic tripper.

The Niv Bible for Teen Girls
I've noticed that people are always struggling to find 'inspiration' (sometimes in the weirdest places!) but one solution is totally simple, open a bible. This one happens to be one of my favs because it is full of explanations about the different sections of the bible, sidebars about people mentioned and a whole bunch of inspirational stuff that might just be the answer you're looking for
(I know some of my friends reading this will be in full eye-roll right now but I like to think of the bible as a 'feel good', there doesn't have to be a reason why I reach for it, it just has this way of making me 'feel good' so pick it up and read, trust 😃)

Coco Chanel
I was sent this book as a gift and even though at first I thought it was for someone younger (4-8 years old), I LOVED it!
It's part of a series about all these awesome women who did really incredible things. It's like a little history lesson wrapped up in the cutest package and covers total #bossbabes like civil rights activist Rosa Parks, artist Frida Khalo and all around ICON Audrey Hepburn. I ended up getting all the books in the series and after reading them, I couldn't wait to learn more about all the Lit ladies that did their thing back then so we could do our thing now!

The Burger Lab
Know anyone who really 'gets' burgers?? Tell me they wouldn't love to get a book dedicated to the art of the hamburger (and yes it is an art).
I come from a burger family, my grandparents have owned a super burger joint for the last 30 years and we take the hamburger seriously!
We get really creative with our burgers at my house so I totally dropped to the floor when I opened this book and flipping through the pages should not be done on an empty stomach for sure!

This isn't a new book but it has to be one of my favorites of ALL time. August Pullman is a boy who looks different. I mean really different.
And this is his story, starting from his point of view about how he just wants to be treated like everyone else when everyone else can't get past how he looks. (My eyes are getting watery just writing this because this book has burned into my brain, even when I mention it, I start re-reading parts in my head, it's just that powerful. There is a movie out which I haven't seen yet but definitely will, just have to prepare my brain for it 😓)

Friday, 8 December 2017

Grey Matter / THE GAP

sweater BANANA REPUBLIC     skirt GAP     boot STEVE MADDEN

The few weeks right before Christmas have to be my most favourite time of the year. I love all the fun stuff that comes with Christmas like shopping for gifts (this is the first year I am doing that on my own), celebrating with family and friends, going to church, eating all the deliciousness being served up (when else do you get a free ticket to eat cookies and drink hot cocoa almost every night??) and let's not forget opening all the pressies with my name on them!
Some people (I'm looking at you grownups!) find this time of the year crazy stressful! They tell me that maybe I love it so much because I have no other responsibilities other than making sure I'm happy and having fun but what if we all stopped stressing out just for a little bit and took a moment to remember what it was like at Christmas time when you were a kid and just really enjoyed being in that moment, even if it was only for an afternoon or night? I bet the people around you would love it (and I'm pretty sure you will too!)
Do you have any special holiday memories that bring you right back to the happiness you felt being a kid at Christmas?

Monday, 27 November 2017

Red Alert / GAP

DRESS The Gap     BOOTS Steve Madden     TIGHTS Asos

Christmas is my absolute fav time of the year! Lots of presents, lots of tasty food and lots of opportunities to put on some fancy duds that I wouldn't normally have a chance to wear! This red sparkly dress is a total dream and because it's a t-shirt style dress its so mad comfy that I never want to take it off. I paired it with my new combat boots and polka dot tights to give it my special touch but slip on a pair of flats or heels and it hits a whole other level, perfect for even the fanciest of parties!

Monday, 6 November 2017

The Canadian Tuxedo / J.CREW

vest/shirt/jeans J. CREW   boots Musse & Cloud

There are a kajillion of reasons to be proud of being Canadian but a denim on denim suit has to be one of the best, am I right??

Saturday, 9 September 2017


Blazer, Jeans  GAP     Anchor bracelet KIEL JAMES PATRICK     Clutch COACH
Sunglasses OLD NAVY     Booties GAP (similar style here)

It was my first week back at school and not going to lie to you, waking up so early was a real struggle this week. Got dressed slower, ate my breakfast slower, packed my stuff slower, you get it.
It's taken me the whole week to get back into being a 'morning person' (if things were my way, the day wouldn't start till noon, my mom says I must have a little vampire in me)
It helped that my new homeroom teacher is super cool and fun to be around. I look forward to seeing her every morning which makes it a little easier to get over my disappointment about not going to NYFW this year! I was invited to attend some shows during New York Fashion Week (can you believe it!!!)  and my whole family was going to come along for the trip with me.
But my little bro wasn't feeling well the last few weeks of August (we ended up spending the whole of last Saturday in the emergency room for him) so my mom didn't want to leave in case it was something serious. Total bummer right?? Hopefully I get invited next year because I wanted to go so bad, it was all I could think about!
How has the first week of school been for you? Like your teacher? Happy to see all your friends again?