Friday, 17 July 2015

What To Do When You Have To Introduce Yourself

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I usually go to camp every summer but for some reason, my mom decided that we (that's me and my brother) were going to stay home this year. I don't mind it really, I like hanging out with my family and my mom takes us out every day all over the place.
We go to the park in my neighbourhood a lot and there are always a bunch of kids there. My brother isn't as shy as I am so he always makes new friends but I have a harder time meeting new people.
My mom is always talking about how important it is to have good manners, especially for a shy kid and she taught me how to properly introduce myself to someone new.
It doesn't have to sound fancy, just look at someone in the eyes (I aim for their face), smile and say "Hi, my name is " and just add your name to the end. The most important part of it all is to make sure you smile and unless of course you are a robot or something, I know we can all do that.
If you do it often enough, it won't seem so scary and most of the time, the person usually smiles back and tells you their name too.
(Sounds simple but I know it is not as easy as that. Trust me, I practise all the time in the mirror when no one is around and I still get scared most of the time but I just do it!)
How do you handle meeting new kids?

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  1. I get really scared when I have to meet new kids too. I'm going to practice in the mirror. I really like your blog!
    Josie H