Tuesday, 21 July 2015

What To Do When You Have To Knock on a Front Door

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When my family visits someones house, me and my brother always run to the front door to see who will get to knock on the door. If my brother gets there first, he always rings the door bell and if my parents are really behind us, he tries more than once!
If my mom catches him, he always gets into trouble.
She says that you only ring or knock once and then wait. Ringing the doorbell more than once or twice is annoying for the person inside the house. She says the same goes for knocking. You want to let the person know you are at the front door, not scare them.
Also, never push the door open and just walk in, that's just rude and you never know if the person you are visiting is ready for you!
Walk up to the door, ring or knock once and wait for the person to answer. Say hello and wait for the person to invite you in.

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