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What To Do When You Have To Phone A Friend at Home

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Most kids have their own phones now but there are still times when you have to call someone who doesn't have a cell phone of their own and speak to a parent first. If my friends want to call and speak to me, they have to call my house (my cell phone is for emergencies only) and since my mom wants to know who is calling for me, they will have to speak to her when she picks up the phone. Talking on the phone always made me a little nervous and having to speak to an adult made it even worse!
I was never sure what I was supposed to say and didn't want to sound like a baby so my mom helped me practice making phone calls and helped me figure out just what to say and how to say it politely.

Start by saying hello and say it with a smile.
It's funny but people can tell when you are smiling even if all they can do is hear your voice.

Always identify yourself and why you're calling.
Speak your name and request clearly. For example: “Hello Mrs. Brown, this is Maddy, may I speak with Fiona please?” If you don't recognize the person on the other line and they don't offer that information to you, don't ask them who they are, just skip that part and still give your name and who you are calling for.

Pay attention.
It's important to listen carefully too. It's embarrassing to be caught not paying attention especially if you're already nervous about being on the phone to begin with. Stop whatever you might be doing (like playing on your iPad or fighting with your brother!) and focus on the conversation.

Leave a message.
If the friend you are calling for is having dinner or doing their homework, they might not be available and you will have to leave a message. Leave your name and your telephone number with the person who has answered the phone. Don’t mumble or leave a really long message. Chances are the person on the line is either a busy parent or a sibling and in that case, you'll be lucky if your friend actually ends up getting the message at all. (LOL!)

Keep your promise.
If you told a friend you would call at a certain time, call them as you promised, even if you can't talk at that time. Just say "I can't really talk right now because..." and then tell them when you will call them later. It's not nice to make a friend wait around for your call, especially if it has to do with homework or something that happened at school because they might be busy too.

Mistakes happen.
If you accidentally called a wrong number, be polite and apologize. It's not nice to just hang up. You can say "I'm sorry, I must have the wrong number. Goodbye"

Parents always want to feel like they can teach you something so ask them to help you practice 'making phone calls' before you take it on your own for the first time.
Do you get nervous when you have to make a phone call?
What do you do to make it your phone calls go smoothly?

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