Sunday, 27 November 2016

CURRENTLY LOVING The J.Crew Holiday Edition

1. earrings / 2. scarf / 3. wristlet / 4. moccasins / 5. boots / 6. sunglasses / 7. emergency kit
8. ring / 9. locket / 10. beanie / 11. tote / 12. pyjamas / 13. necklace / 14. socks

My mom is always bugging me to write up a 'wish list' before Christmas. I used to write one in my letter to Santa when I was little but I can never bring myself to make one up anymore.
Usually, I don't like to tell people what I would like them to buy me, it makes me uncomfortable. Maybe it's because my dear Madre (she hates that LOL!) has taught me since I was little that a person should always be thankful for any gift that someone is nice enough to give them so I always kind of feel bad to ask for specific things.
Everywhere I've turned this week, I've seen 'wishlists' made for everyone and anyone. Foodies, boyfriends, the mailman, your dog Sparky, you name it so I thought maybe this might be a good way for me to put together a list of stocking-stuffers I'd like and still feel like I'm not being rude.
So here you go, my first wish list AND from one of my favourite stores, J. Crew!

Thursday, 24 November 2016

Baby It's Cold Outside

SWEATER Gap / JEANS American Eagle / SCARF Indigo HAT Roots 

I'll never learn my lesson.
For the last two months, I've been complaining and complaining that it was too hot and I couldn't wait till sweater weather came back. Well, it's come back alright, along with coat, boots and wool hat weather! It started snowing on Saturday and it's been crazy cold for the last few days. I know Canadians are supposed to love the snow and winter but this little Canadian is the exception to the rule!
How many more days till summer is back????

Did you notice this tree has a creepy face????

Thursday, 17 November 2016

Scalloped Flats...and a Confession

AMERICAN EAGLE shirt (similar here) // GAP jeans // KENNETH COLE flats (similar here)  // OLD NAVY sunglasses (similar here)  // BOHO BETTY bracelet 

I'm going to get real here, I drove my mother crazy all summer long.
And not for the usual reasons kids drive their parents crazy when they are home on vacation. I came across a pair of flats I had to have, these ones right here! Problem was that they were almost 450 bucks.
You probably have the same look on your face that my mother had once she realized how much they were (on second thought, no, I don't think I've ever seen anyone have THAT LOOK on their face ever)
Okay so it was hard for me to convince her to change her mind. I get it, it's s a lot of money and I'm still a kid who will grow out of them before the year is up so even though I bugged her ALL summer, I realized I should put that dream to bed and let it go...for now.
You see, I always believe that if you really want something, you need to focus and believe and don't stop believing until you reach your goal!
It has never failed me before and it didn't fail me now because even though the flats I fell in love with were crazy expensive, don't you know that I found almost the exact same flats for under forty bucks! They're not real leather or as soft as I imagine the Chloe flats are but they have those same cute little scallops that I LOVE and as long as you keep my little secret, no one will be the wiser!