Sunday, 27 November 2016

CURRENTLY LOVING The J.Crew Holiday Edition

1. earrings / 2. scarf / 3. wristlet / 4. moccasins / 5. boots / 6. sunglasses / 7. emergency kit
8. ring / 9. locket / 10. beanie / 11. tote / 12. pyjamas / 13. necklace / 14. socks

My mom is always bugging me to write up a 'wish list' before Christmas. I used to write one in my letter to Santa when I was little but I can never bring myself to make one up anymore.
Usually, I don't like to tell people what I would like them to buy me, it makes me uncomfortable. Maybe it's because my dear Madre (she hates that LOL!) has taught me since I was little that a person should always be thankful for any gift that someone is nice enough to give them so I always kind of feel bad to ask for specific things.
Everywhere I've turned this week, I've seen 'wishlists' made for everyone and anyone. Foodies, boyfriends, the mailman, your dog Sparky, you name it so I thought maybe this might be a good way for me to put together a list of stocking-stuffers I'd like and still feel like I'm not being rude.
So here you go, my first wish list AND from one of my favourite stores, J. Crew!

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