Wednesday, 14 December 2016


My mom is constantly yelling at me to 'put those things away'. Those things happen to be any of the kajillion pair of earbuds I have and use like every day which is why they are all over the place and Big Momma gets sooo angry.
Why do I have a kajillion pair? Because I think I have tiny ears and I can never find a pair that fit snugly and will stay put while I am doing whatever. (Not so cool to be jamming to your tunes with your earbud randomly popping out of your ear every time you blink)
So I gave in and put them all away to please my mother. LOL, not really but it sounds good doesn't it?! The real reason I don't need all those other pairs anymore is because I have found my true love (in earbud form) with this mad adorbs wireless pair that the sweet peeps at Sudio Sweden were nice enough to send me so I can try them out.


First of all, you know how I feel about pink and they come in this shade that should have been named "Pidge" because they go with EVERYTHING I own! Total bonus is they look like they were made to match my new phone cover from Style Collective. They also come with the cutest little pouch so that you can store them safely and out of reach of any brat little brothers that you might have stalking your stuff like some of us do! :(
And just so that you don't think I'm all about the surface of things and never focus on the inside, the sound is crazy AMAAAZE! I couldn't understand how something that didn't even plug into my phone (did I mention that the VASA buds are wireless which would make them perfect if someone happened to get a new iPhone 7 for Christmas. Yes, that's a hint for whoever is reading!) could make it sound like I was at an actual real live  concert but they honestly do!
Don't believe the word of the Pidge herself? Then try them out yourself and let me know what you think! Use code HELLOPIDGE at Sudio Sweden checkout to get 15% off your purchase!

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