Friday, 10 February 2017

What I'm Loving Lately 02/10

The weather has been sooo cold, in the GTA that I have been hiding away at home a lot. Not too many adventures outdoors this week (except when we took advantage of today's snowfall) but I have been busy at home getting to know some new favs like this book from one of my favourite bloggers that is full of fun ideas to busy yourself on a cold afternoon and this delicious smelling candle that makes it feel and smell like a magnolia tree in summer inside even it's a regular frozen tundra outside!
And for those of you like me whose skin turns crazy dry in the winter, you need to try this sheet mask that has not only erased the little weird dry patches on my face but scared my little brother to death the other night when he came into my room while I had it on (he said I looked like Mike Meyers).
I guess that will teach the little nerd not to come into my room uninvited!
How do you stay busy during the cold winter months?

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