Friday, 31 March 2017

What I'm Loving Lately 03/31

book: A Beautiful Mess // rollerballs: Flora Remedia // liquid lipstick/liner: Huda Beauty
candle: D. & L. Co. // bracelets: LOOPS Bracelets

It FINALLY feels like winter is saying 'bye bye' and I don't think anyone is happier than I am! I might not be in flip flops and shorts just yet (it's Canada, it could snow tomorrow and it did last night, no joke!) but I am getting all my warm weather vibes ready! The sun has come out a few times to brighten things up but when the skies are grey (like almost always), I've come up with my own ways to kick things up a bit! These bracelets from Loops Bracelets punch up all of my outfits but they are just the thing to add a smidge of 'Pidge' to my uniform without getting me into trouble with my school's dress code!

I have a hard enough time getting up in the morning when the sun is shining but when it's gloomy outside, forget about it! I bet not even a jug of coffee could get me going, that's if I could actually drink coffee but since I'm still not allowed, I rely on this smellalicious rollerball from Flora Remedia to perk me up when all I want to do is run back to my bed. And I swear that this is the only thing that chases away that sleepyhead feeling I get every day around 2:30 when I still have an hour left of school and all I can think about is laying my head on my desk and taking a snooze.
I have been in mad love with this particular pair of wedges that I see EVERYWHERE but my very own closet. They were a little bit more $$$ than a girl my 'age should be spending on a pair of shoes' (not my words) so I tried to find something kind of the same but that cost a little less cha-ching and I got super lucky with these ones by Kenneth Cole!
I have been a fan of Huda Kattan since I first started on Instagram and when I found out she was coming out with her own line of liquid matte lipsticks, I couldn't wait until I could get one. I'm not allowed to wear lipstick all the time but when I get lucky, this is the only lippie I reach for!
The one I ended up getting is called 'bombshell' and it's the perfect rosy nude shade. Get this, it DOESN'T COME OFF, even after I had BBQ ribs for dinner. It was well worth the wait and begging!

I get a lot of compliments on how shiny and healthy my hair looks but the struggle is real! It takes a little bit of hard work taking good care of my hair (more details on my hair routine next week!) but I've also been trying out this hair 'food' that's like a liquid vitamin. I mix a spoonful into my morning juice and it's totally drinkable. I really think my hair has been looking mad good lately so something must be working.
So tell me, how are you getting ready to say hello to summer?

Monday, 20 March 2017

Sweater Weather

Hat Gap  //  Sweater Talbots  //  Jeans Gap  //
Bracelets LOOPS  //  Sneakers Converse

I spent most of this past weekend trying to get used to the idea of having to go back to school today. March Break 2017 is officially over and it seems like it almost never happened. I mean it was REALLY COLD here in Toronto and a major drag to even be bothered to leave the house which of course made the whole week into a total snooze (the only exciting thing that happened was when the mailman knocked at my door with a package from LOOPS Bracelets for me! OMG aren't they the crazy cutest AND these bracelets are totally 'Pidge' approved. Not only are they like indestructible and very comfortable but they are waterproof too, which is a good thing because honestly, I never want to take them off!)
 Luckily the sun finally did come out and make it warm-ish on one day and that's when we all piled into the car and took off!
Living where I do, it's not very often that you can forget your jacket in the winter time. And the truth is, I only got away with it because I got out of the car before my mom could spot me without all my gear. My no-coat freedom lasted only a few minutes but while it did, it was mad good!

Thursday, 16 March 2017

DIY Flower Crown with PickOntario

March Break has been a little bit of a bust this year. It's freezing here in Toronto and doing anything outdoors has taken a punch to the gut so we've been looking for things to do inside while we stay warm. This seemed like the perfect activity (sent to me by the super nice peeps at PickOntario)  since I love flowers and LOVE anything I can make myself!
(didn't go over too well with my little bro but sometimes a girl's got to do what a girl's got to do, am I right?!)

Whether you are an avid coachella fan, a boho-chic bride to be, or simply looking for the perfect finish to that perfect outfit, you have definitely considered rocking a flower crown at one point or another.

Flower crowns are the hottest go-to accessory nowadays, because, quite frankly, they’re stunning. With the power to make anyone feel like a total goddess, and ability to bring Snapchat filters to real life, it is no wonder they go all the way back to ancient Greece. 

“A flower crown is what’s ‘in’ right now,” says Jesseline Gough, Marketing Coordinator at pickOntario. “Weddings, pride parades, maternity shoots, lunch with the gals, festivals— you can quite literally make a statement anywhere you go.”

Learn how to build your own beautiful flower crown by watching pickOntario’s 2-minute tutorial video, or following these easy steps:

What you’ll need: 
Ontario grown ivy
Florist wire
Ontario grown bouquet, potted plants, flowers, bedding plants

Step 1: Have about 2 feet of Ontario grown ivy ready
Step 2: Level 1 inch of stem
Step 3: Wrap the wire around the top of the branch to secure it
Step 4: Wrap the wire around the flower stem several times
Step 5: Repeat wrapping with the remaining flowers
Step 6: Wrap in the same direction working down the branch and continue adding until you see the look you want
Step 7: Bring the ends together and wrap firmly
Step 8: Now, wear your crown like the queen you are!
Step 9: Snap some selfies, and share with us on Twitter, Facebook and Instagram using #pickOntario 

“The best thing about this flawless accessory is that it never goes out of style,” adds Jesseline. “Some may think it’s only a spring or summer trend, but why not add some seasonal beauty by hosting a flower crown party this winter as well.”

Ready to make your flower crown? Visit pickOntario for very reasonably-priced supplies. Be sure to check out their Floral Market and Flower Crown Bar at Canada Blooms, taking place March 10-19, 2017.

For more information, please visit Follow @pickOntario on Twitter and Instagram, and like them on Facebook.

About pickOntario
pickOntario is an initiative developed by Flowers Canada (Ontario) Inc. to raise awareness, interest and demand for Ontario-grown cut flowers and potted plants. When you pick Ontario, you are supporting the more than 200 greenhouse farmers who employ approximately 9,000 people in our province. The growers in Ontario work hard to produce quality flowers and use the latest trends in technology and growing techniques to ensure their products are delivered fresh to local retail establishments, daily.

Sunday, 12 March 2017

The Sweet Life with Sorelle and Co.

Coat  Talbots // Sunglasses  Ray-Ban // Bag  J. Crew
Jeans  American Eagle // Boots  Musse & Cloud

I started Lent last week which means that me and anything that had a mother or a face at one point will not be meeting at the dinner table for the next 40 days! I've never fasted for that long but considering I'm not much of a carnivore, I didn't realize that I would have to also give up so many of the things I normally eat, like anything that included dairy and eggs. Truth is I was a little nervous about what I was going to do for the next month and a half now that I've made my promise to go vegan but at least there is one place I know I can turn to!
On Family Day, I got the chance to go to Sorelle and Co., which happens to be the prettiest little bakery you will ever set visit!

Located at 1050 Rutherford Road in Vaughan, a smidge north of Toronto and just a quick drive away from my neighbourhood, I got the chance to devour the sweetest (and definitely the cutest) vegan and gluten-free desserts you could possibly imagine. Cupcakes, brownies, tarts, donuts and muffins all laid out in front of me, what more could a kid ask for!

Doesn't it all look delish?!
Check out their Instagram page for more sweet eye candy!!

And as if the delicious desserts weren't enough, the place looked like something out of my dreams! Crystal chandeliers and big cosy chairs, all touched with my fav colours of gold, cream, pink and aqua, it was the mad perfect spot for a sophistiCAT like me to enjoy a donut and latte!