Monday, 20 March 2017

Sweater Weather

Hat Gap  //  Sweater Talbots  //  Jeans Gap  //
Bracelets LOOPS  //  Sneakers Converse

I spent most of this past weekend trying to get used to the idea of having to go back to school today. March Break 2017 is officially over and it seems like it almost never happened. I mean it was REALLY COLD here in Toronto and a major drag to even be bothered to leave the house which of course made the whole week into a total snooze (the only exciting thing that happened was when the mailman knocked at my door with a package from LOOPS Bracelets for me! OMG aren't they the crazy cutest AND these bracelets are totally 'Pidge' approved. Not only are they like indestructible and very comfortable but they are waterproof too, which is a good thing because honestly, I never want to take them off!)
 Luckily the sun finally did come out and make it warm-ish on one day and that's when we all piled into the car and took off!
Living where I do, it's not very often that you can forget your jacket in the winter time. And the truth is, I only got away with it because I got out of the car before my mom could spot me without all my gear. My no-coat freedom lasted only a few minutes but while it did, it was mad good!

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