Sunday, 27 August 2017

DO: Have a Picnic

August is National Picnic Month and if you haven't gone on a picnic yet to celebrate, time is running out! (well not really, you can picnic anytime but I take every chance I get to 'celebrate' stuff so let's just say since it's a sort of holiday it's a good reminder! LOL!)
I LOVE picnics even with all the bugs and critters that are flying around, usually driving me insane. The rules are more relaxed than when I have to sit at the table, you can enjoy the sunshine and fresh air AND for some reason, the food always seems to taste so much better than it usually does (weird right?). I think one of my fav things about having a picnic is that I get to spend fun time with my family. We've kind of made it into a tradition to picnic on the first Saturday of each month in the summertime and I know that my little bro and I always look forward to it!
We take a lot of easy foods with us when we picnic. Not too fussy or it won't make it into our basket. Sandwiches mostly (like my fav BLT with avocado, I've listed the recipe below) and stuff we can eat with our hands, sometimes fried chicken, container salads that we put together at home and of course lots of fruit! Grab a large blanket (even better when it's your comfiest) and so it's easy that you almost can't make up an excuse not to do it!
When was the last time you went on a picnic?

BLT with avocado
(makes 4 sandwiches)

8 slices of bacon
1 medium ripe avocado
8 slices bread
1 medium ripe tomato, cut into 8 slices
4 romaine lettuce leaves
mayonnaise (optional)
½ teaspoon minced garlic
¼ teaspoon salt
balsamic vinegar
olive oil

Cook bacon in a large skillet over medium heat until crisp, 5 to 10 minutes (this part should be done by an adult because the bacon is real splattery). Remove it from the pan and place on a paper towel-lined plate so most of the greasiness can soak into the paper towel.
Cut the avocado in half, remove the pit, scoop out the insides and mash it up in a medium bowl. Mix in a splash of olive oil and balsamic vinegar to your taste and add garlic, salt and pepper. Stir all together.
Toast bread and spread about 2 tablespoons of the avocado mixture on 4 slices of toast. Top each with 4 pieces of bacon, 2 tomato slices, 1 lettuce leaf, mayonnaise if you like and the remaining toast.

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