Saturday, 9 September 2017


Blazer, Jeans  GAP     Anchor bracelet KIEL JAMES PATRICK     Clutch COACH
Sunglasses OLD NAVY     Booties GAP (similar style here)

It was my first week back at school and not going to lie to you, waking up so early was a real struggle this week. Got dressed slower, ate my breakfast slower, packed my stuff slower, you get it.
It's taken me the whole week to get back into being a 'morning person' (if things were my way, the day wouldn't start till noon, my mom says I must have a little vampire in me)
It helped that my new homeroom teacher is super cool and fun to be around. I look forward to seeing her every morning which makes it a little easier to get over my disappointment about not going to NYFW this year! I was invited to attend some shows during New York Fashion Week (can you believe it!!!)  and my whole family was going to come along for the trip with me.
But my little bro wasn't feeling well the last few weeks of August (we ended up spending the whole of last Saturday in the emergency room for him) so my mom didn't want to leave in case it was something serious. Total bummer right?? Hopefully I get invited next year because I wanted to go so bad, it was all I could think about!
How has the first week of school been for you? Like your teacher? Happy to see all your friends again?

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